Davinci Lighting AA Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery - 3.2V, 300mAh, 14500, AA Size, Lithium Iron Phosphate LiFePO4

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THE CHALLENGE – Solar lights are a tough gig for batteries! They charge all day and then completely discharge at night. Every day. This daily grind can quickly wear out generic rechargeable batteries, but not ours!

DESIGNED FOR SOLAR - Our SolarSmart technology is specifically designed to handle the unique demands of solar lights. It prevents over-charging/discharging while maintaining excellent battery life over thousands of charging cycles.

OUTDOOR USE – These batteries can live outside. They survive and thrive in the summer heat and the winter cold.

QUALITY – Based in sunny Miami, Davinci Lighting makes solar lighting products. And they use these very same batteries. We know what works, and we’ve engineered our batteries to the highest standards.

SAFETY - Anti-leak construction. No Mercury. No Cadmium.