Flexfit Solar Post Cap Lights

Charges in Daylight

Turns on Automatically

No Wires, Easy Install

Easy DIY Installation

Simply screw onto the top of your posts.

No Electricians Necessary

Avoid the cost and headache of hiring an electrician or contractor.

No Wiring

No need to run dangerous wiring around your outdoor areas.

Save Money, and the Environment

Save on your electricity bill AND save the environment!

Built to Last

We deliver quality lighting products backed by our 90 Day Warrantee.


Designed for year-round use in rain, sleet, or snow.

Customer Support

We stand behind our products. Our world class customer support team is always here to help.

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What sizes and types of posts will this fit?

Fits 4 inch (3.5”x3.5”), 5 inch (4.5”x4.5”), and 6 inch (5.5”x5.5”) wooden posts. Also works with round wooden posts. This product comes with one base that is designed to fit all three post sizes. For 4 inch posts, the FlexFit base will slightly larger than the post and will overhang a bit (see product images). For 6 inch posts, the base’s rounded footprint will leave the edges of the post slightly exposed (see product images). If you’re looking for an exact fit, we highly recommend the newer Davinci Lighting Renaissance Post Cap Light as it includes different bases for different post sizes.

Is the battery replaceable? What type of battery should I use?

This product uses a 3.2V 300mAh (or greater) AA size (also known as 14500) lithium ion rechargeable battery. Davinci Lighting sells replacement batteries here on Amazon.

Can I mount this on vinyl posts?

This is designed for wooden posts. The base mounts onto the top of a post with screws that go vertically down into the post. If your vinyl post doesn’t have a flat top cap (which is probably why you’re shopping for post caps), there will be nothing to screw the base into.

How bright are these lights?

Each post cap has a total light output of 25 lumens.

How long do these lights stay on at night?

That entirely depends on how much sunlight each solar post cap receives during the day. A full day of unobstructed direct sun should provide 6-8 hours of battery life at night.

What color are the LEDs?

LEDs are warm white with a color temperature of 3000 kelvin.

Can these lights be used over winter?

Yes, these lights are designed to survive rain sleet and snow. However, please note that brightness and battery life will be less over the winter months. There are fewer hours of sunlight during winter, and rechargeable batteries have lower performance in cold temperatures.

Do these lights have an ON/OFF switch?

No they don’t. Turn on your lights by removing the plastic tab from the battery compartment. After that, they’ll turn on automatically each night.